The Fall Fishing has actually been great! I was worried about what all that rain and fresh water would do to the fishery! A week after that rain occurred, we had the Redbone Celebrity Cystic Fibrosis Fishing Tournament! There was a great turnout and about thirty Guides fishing in the tournament. The target species were Speckled Sea Trout and Redfish. This would be a good test to see what the rain had done to the fishery. The fishery proved to be great despite the fact that it looked like you were fishing in Brackish water. We caught a bunch of Trout and a handful of Redfish all on white DOA shrimp under Cajun Thunder floats. One of the Redfish was 26 lbs and 42 inches long one inch shy to win the biggest Redfish caught in the tournament,which was caught at the jetties while we caught ours in 2 feet of water upin the flats! It was awesome, and my Junior Angler, Nicholas Hammond, who has fished with me for 5 years in a row was pumped! We ended up winning the Guide to Junior Angler Division Championship which was the 2nd year in a row we have won it. We seemed to catch a ton of 13 inch trout on live shrimp but when we switched to artificial lures we started catching larger Trout that scored! We lost several 30 inch Redfish up in the grass but overall it was a great success. It was a great tournament for a great cause and I look forward to fishing it next year. Overall there were great numbers of Trout and Redfish caught and our fishery is staying strong,cheers! Captain Rawling Pratt-Thomas