May has been a, "Redfish on the flats," month so far! The winter snow storm we had has strongly effected our Speckled Sea Trout bite. I believe we lost a lot of fish due to that extreme cold. Many people saw floating dead fish during the storm and I believe up North was effected the most b/c of it being so shallow up there in comparison to the Charleston Harbor! Redfishing on the flats for me has been producing 6-10 nice Redfish on artificials. My lure of choice has been: Captain Mikes Guide Proven Lures spoons. The Chartreuse and the Pink have been the most productive. I have been up on the platform poling and literally seen the Redfish come all the way out of the grass chasing the spoons! It's been an interesting but very exciting bite. Poling in about a foot of water and seeing that wake nail the spoon and scream drag has kept my charters happy and fulfilled! We have the Summer right upon us and the Cobia are already being caught and the amount of mullet showing in the creeks means the fish's metabolism is getting stronger and as more bait enters our waters so will all the Target species of the summer: Bull Redfish, large Bluefish, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackeral, Tarpon, Cobia, many types of sharks....!!! Charleston's fishery is one of the best on the east coast but you have to go with someone who knows what their doing and has been doing it for a long time. I have actively guiding for 21 years now. There are tons of people getting into it and let me tell ya, a fancy boat and an inexperienced guide is not the way to go! I look forward to hearing from you and look forward to making many memories on the water,cheers! Captain Rawling Pratt-Thomas