May 11th my buddy Captain Ryan Bell and I went 20 miles out to a submerged ship in about 40 ft of water! The Spadefish, whose favorite food are jelly balls, were all around the boat and can provide awesome light tackle action. Before we ran out to the ship I threw the cast net and caught a ton of mid sized Menhaden. We also had live shrimp and dead shrimp. The Spadefish denied all our efforts to catch them! Suddenly a monster Cobia swam right by the boat! We through a black Hogie at him and he followed it all to the way to the boat but didn't eat! He then was gone, a fellow fishing next to us said he had been trying to catch that monster for an hour but couldn't get him to eat. We immediately rigged a rod with a live Menhaden, as a pitch bait if we got another shot. About half an hour passed and there was no sign of him. Then, there he was, pitch bait ready, we through it out and he smoked it on the surface and went right for the ship. After 35 minutes of keeping him off the reef we had a shot by the skiff and gaffed him. It took two of us to pull him in the boat. We drove to IOP and weighed him and he was 68lbs on the scale. What a fish, what a day, and now eagerness to do it again! The action is hot out there, tight lines! Captain Rawling Pratt-Thomas